Low Current Services

Supply & Install

Structured Cabling System

• Twisted Pair Cables:

To improve electromagnetic compatibility.

Category 6          Category 6A

Category 7           Category 7A

• Fiber Cables:

For long distance, high performance data networking and telecommunications.

Fiber indoor cables

Fiber outdoor cables

• Fiber Splitters:

Enabling a signal on an optical fiber to be distributed among two or more fibers.

• Connectors (Fiber and twisted pairs)

For quicker connection and disconnection.

• Network Cabinets

To store routers, patch panels, switches and other networking equipment and accessories.

• Switching and Routing

To switch and route data packing between the same and different networks.

• IP Technology

The internet protocol for relaying datagrams across network boundaries.

• Internet Security

Computer security branching out from just the internet to browsing and the world wide web.

• Wi-Fi Systems and Solutions

For high wireless internet speed and network connection.


Transmitting video surveillance from cameras to a set of monitors.

• Physical Security

Protecting property against unauthorized access that leads to damage or harm.

• Time Attendance & Management

An automated management software that records attendance data users and generates reports.