Low Voltage Services

Supply & Install

Power Systems
( Emergency power systems, Sockets & HVAC power)

  • To feed the building with all needed outlets.
  • Providing all types of sockets, UPS, Floor box

Lighting System
(Lighting Outlets, Lighting Fixture)

Lighting the whole building with suitable Lighting textures
and switches.

  1. fluorescent
  2. led
  3. halogen
  4. high intensity discharge

Wiring Devices and Disconnecting Switches.

  • Supply and install all types of switches, sockets and
    disconnect switches to control all machines
    and lighting textures in the building.

Cable Laying & Termination Works

  • Supply and install cables connecting Transformer
    to MDB to SMDB to outlets.

Electrical Panel Systems like MDBs & SMDBs

  • Supply the panel from the panel builder after ensuring all the specs are complied.

Cable Tray and Cable Trunk

  • Supply and install hot dip galvanized cable tray/trunk as a raceways for power &data cables.

lightening System & Earthing System.

  • To ensure safety of people, devices and building from electricity leakage.